Why BIM Application Is So Important For Building Surveyor?

BIM Application Supports Effective Building Survey


The collective approach of building information modeling benefits the design and construction professionals to work simultaneously on a construction project in an efficient manner.

It is clear that BIM application provides numerous benefits for architects, designers, engineers, Contractors, and sub-contractors to design the project in the 3D platform. In any BIM construction project, involve throughout the entire life cycle of the project, and thus they can get the best and extensive benefits from BIM application.

As BIM application helps professionals to develop the design in the 3D platform, hence the 3D building the model helps the surveyors to gain significant control over the construction process and introduce effectiveness across the work profile.

Role of a surveyor

• An assessment officer takes care of the fact whether the construction project will be ready within estimated budget and timeline.

• An evaluation officer develops scheme designs with an end to end specifications and costing.

• Arranges documents for tenders

• Determines the concurrent condition of an existing building by surveying that building.

• Inspects the building designs thoroughly to see if they are fit for

physically challenged people.

• A building surveyor also advises on energy efficiency and green design of a building.

• Involves in determining the safety of a building structure.

• Also, carries out feasibility studies.

It mainly involves working with different types of evaluations, calculations, costs, schedules, dimensions, and demarcations derive from reliable and accurate sources of data.

The building information modeling technique assists the surveyors in accessing all the building design related information and analyze all those information in the form of geometries.

The 3D building information model enables the surveyors to get a comprehensive insight of the entire construction project in an efficient manner. Hence the 3D visualization of the design assists the professionals to analyze the entire design efficiently and advise the architects and contractors accordingly.

Hence the numerous benefits of the building information modeling technique help the surveyors to do their work better and with more useful and collaborative input.

BIM Application Is Beneficial For Construction Industry
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BIM Application Is Beneficial For Construction Industry
The collective approach of bim application benefits all the design and construction professionals to work simultaneously on a construction project
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