Application Of 4D BIM In Project Development, How Can It Be Useful?

Use Of 4D BIM In Project Development

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The BIM technology is extensively used in the construction industry as it has evolved as entirely new stuff in managing different phases of the project. The entire project lifecycle is differentiated in various aspects like Pre-visualization, planning, pre-design, design and final construction. 4D BIM technology in construction lifecycle has a strong influence in most of the phases in some or the other way. BIM is not only a robust design tool; it is also an efficient development planning and construction management tool. When BIM technology is linked with the construction schedule, it becomes a 4D modeling tool where time is the fourth dimension.

The construction of the 4D models facilitates the various participants of a building project from architects, designers, contractors to the clients to envision the total duration of a series of events and also displays the progress of the overall on-going construction activities through the lifetime of the project. In this article, we will focus on 4D BIM and its application in various construction phases.

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4D BIM Modeling, What Actually It Means?

To figure out what the importance of 4D in the project development, let’s first understand what 4D modeling is. 4D BIM is a commonly used term in the CAD industry. It refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components. The use of the term 4D is proposed to apply to the fourth dimension (time) i.e. 4D is 3D plus schedule (time).

In a simple language, it is the process of converting a 3D BIM model to a 4D model which is achieved by the addition of one more dimension that is time to a 3D model. With the linking of the time to the model, it can easily reflect the total amount of time required in the construction process. Due to this, the development process becomes clearer for all the stakeholders involved in the project.

Now the question arises, how 4D BIM is used in different construction stages?

The AEC industry in the current scenario relies mainly on the various BIM services while working on the project. The BIM services like clash detection and coordination services are greatly in demand, and they can be referred throughout the entire life-cycle of a project. Let’s have a brief look on the uses of 4D BIM in the various construction phases.

Well, during the pre-design phase, the 4D model can help in strategic planning. When all the required info is available, best strategies can be successfully fashioned. The 4D model can also be implemented for deciding the sequences and for the best use construction schedules.

During the design development phase, with the help of 4D model designers and engineers can enhance the design constructability. The 4D models can also clinch the benefits of different construction processes during the design development phase. The project team can quickly optimize the construction schedules with the help of the model which can also benefit the contractors by showing the phasing plans to the owners.

How The Use 4D BIM Can Improve The Scenario In The Construction Industry?

This BIM-centric way towards the project management technique has a very high potential to enhance the project management and the delivery of the building project of any size or intricacy.

  1. The 4D BIM model can help in construction and coordination and in reviewing the constructability.
  2. The 4D BIM sums up a new dimension to 3D CAD or solid modeling enabling a sequence of events to be portrayed visually on a timeline that has been settled by a 3D model.
  3. The construction sequences can be inspected as a series of problems using 4D BIM that enables users to explore options, manage solutions and improve the results.
  4. It also enables construction product development, collaborative project implementation.
  5. Different analogies can be made between the ‘as-built’ and the planned schedules for the benefit of improving the overall management during the entire project life-cycle.

4D is recognized as an advanced construction management technique that is progressively used by the project delivery teams working on larger projects including tall buildings, bridges, highways, tunnels, hospital complexes, many luxurious residential projects as well as industrial projects. 4D modeling grants the advantages to the owners to a greater extent during the design phase by visualizing construction sequences as compared to the actual construction works. Are you taking advantages of 4D BIM? Is your project BIM ready?


How 4D BIM Technology Is Useful In Construction Industry?
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How 4D BIM Technology Is Useful In Construction Industry?
What is 4d modeling? BIM technology is widely used in construction industry. Let’s have a look on 4D BIM modeling and its application.
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