Use 5D BIM For Cost And Schedule Modeling

5D BIM Effective For BIM Modeling

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There is always some lurking fear of the unknown in the construction industry. We may have used the best and greatest minds to get the value and cost of construction of a pre-constructed building, but we still face challenges. Technology has improved and reduced the general cost of construction by eliminating uncertainty in costs of construction.

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The 5D Building Information Modeling (5D BIM) has elevated the ancient construction practices through conceptual design and cost modeling. It works as construction cost estimator, schedule of rates. With just a click at this, you can view not only the changes you make on the layout, materials or size, but also the cost and schedule of constructing. Many firms have adopted this entirely virtual model, because of its efficiency and to allow the stakeholders to make informed decisions.

To generate accurate dimension, the type of loading and number and size of beams and column the BIM is used with Revit software as BIM tool. It helps all professionals involved in the design process to make changes and adjustments with ease and accuracy before the actual construction begins.

Let’s Have A  Look  At  The  Advantages  Of  5D BIM

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-Precision And Clarity

The 5D Macro-BIM offers precise information on the building before construction to eliminate possible structural and financial risk. The project team can understand clearly the scope of the project scheduling and the exact cost.

-Easy to make changes

Traditional construction involves a long and tiresome process while making changes to the building. Structural changes affect the design, the layout and in return affects the cost. The 5D- Macro BIM makes it easy to alter the design, the price, and layout all at the same time.

-Time and cost efficient

The design process is lengthy and requires accuracy and changes with every step while involving different professionals for consultation. With the help of the 5D Macro- BIM, the time and cost of the project have significantly reduced while giving accurate estimates.

With the 5D Macro-BIM technology, you can visualize your wildest imaginations for a building. Get specific and precise dimensions, finish and cost with few simple clicks and eliminate structural and financial drawbacks during construction.

 Cost And Schedule Modeling With 5D BIM Technology
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Cost And Schedule Modeling With 5D BIM Technology
5D BIM is effective to save time, money in the designing of BIM models. 5D BIM gives real time display of parametric building components within virtual model.
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