Importance Of Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation Is Beneficial For Construction

thermal insulation


Great minds in the construction industry have made the impossible achievable. Whether it is creating skyscrapers that are very tall or creating building that rotates, the Engineers continue to defy the impossible. Thermal insulation is necessary for all the building construction. With the new trends in innovations and inventions, people can have high thermal insulation suited for the poured concrete walls.


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Importance Of  Thermal  Insulation Systems For Construction


Often, air conditioner, ventilation fans, and lighting are the major energy consumption areas in most building construction.

-Thermal insulation of walls is one of the ways to gain energy efficiency, methods used by Engineers towards green building by conserving energy.

-Improves comfort and efficiency during construction and also for users of the building.

How The System Works

The Thermal insulation system is composed of expanded polystyrene form panels of different dimensions. The panels are stacked between the walls and braced by a structure patented by Web that weaves inside the wall before the pouring of the concrete. The foams are usually solid pieces or composites of cement. After the concrete has cured, the foams are removed leaving an insulated wall surface. The panels can also be used for foundation of concrete walls, because they are resistant to termites and they do not have an odor.


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Engineers have to consider some factors during the design and selection of the suitable material so as to get the best results. These thermal insulation materials should fulfill some conditions before installation.

-The Thermal Conductivity Of  The Material

The material should be a good thermal conductor so that it can be energy efficient

-Compressive Resistance

The material should be able to resist compressive force both laterally and longitudinally.


It should be resistant to water absorption or retention. This property is important especially for a material used in the foundation walls.

-Fire Resistance

In case of a fire outbreak, the thermal material should be able to resist heat and fire.

Thermal Insulation technique will be most searched for technique along with mobile technology and other BIM techniques in the future era of construction industry and those professionals using it will always be at gaining end.

Thermal Insulation tailored to pour concrete wall building
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Thermal Insulation tailored to pour concrete wall building
Thermal Insulation helps in decreasing usage of heating substances. Thermal insulation helps in saving environment and protecting from weather changes
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