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Modular Construction An Innovative Technique.

 modular construction


Over the recent past, the construction industry has undergone tremendous advancements. Construction has progressed from the normal routine (where the process takes place on site) to modular construction. Modular construction mainly entails development of a structure or modular buildings off site as independent parts and modules while using the same materials as those on site. The design is carried using codes and standards required on the site. After the development of the module the materials are then transported and fitted on ground, and the finished product has the same or better quality as the site-built structure.

Modular structures have played a major role in the improvement of the construction industry. The process mainly involves:

-Module design: This is primarily carried out in the factory, and it requires the development of the structure description, the detailed specifications, and plans. The design is then produced to meet the needs of the client.

-Design Approval: At this stage, there is a transfer of the detailed design by a skilled and qualified professional, so as to approve that the modular design is according to the set building codes and standards.

-Site preparation: After approval, the site undergoes preparation for installation of the building It includes the development of the foundation and the drainage of the site.

-Module fabrication: At this stage, there is the development of the module in the factory by use of the approved design.

-Transportation and Installation: After fabrication, the modules are transported to respective sites by the use of carriers with the available equipment to carry the modules to place. The modules are then installed on site to fit the set standards and foundation. The installation needs modification by skilled personnel’s with experience in modular construction.


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Advantages Of  Modular Construction

-Environment-friendly, by developing the modules away from the site, less waste is disbursed, hence conserving the environment.

-Time-saving, modular construction has significantly reduced the time taken in the building of a building. When the modules are on site, installation takes a short period.

-Improved mode of construction, with modular construction, the client is given an opportunity to relocate their building if the need arises. The client is also assured of safety since very minimal injuries occur during installation.

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As the construction industry continues to grow, modular construction is a natural solution to most of the development problems. The future will always be brighter with modular construction.

 Modular Construction helps to construct modular buildings
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Modular Construction helps to construct modular buildings
Modular Construction uses a modular design to build modular buildings. It even reduces the on-site clutter of materials & has an advantage for this industry.
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