How BIM Boosts The Real Estate Sector In India?

BIM Has Extensive Possibilities To Boost Real Estate Sector In India

real estate sector in india

There seems increasingly change in the design communication from 2D based to an integrated 3D digital interface. A new model-based design concept has a boom in the building industry known as BIM in Real Estate Sector in India which buildings are built virtually before the actual construction, where data models coordinate for the complete integration of all the relevant factors in the development of lifecycle. BIM Modeling Services also manages the information dealing with the AEC (Architects, Engineers, and Contractors) professionals to shore up between the design teams. Well, there is still much to educate about the various opportunities and implementation of this innovative tool. Let’s get started with the know-how BIM in Real Estate Sector in India, its expertise and how can it be benign in the real estate India?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is currently a booming word in the new construction sector of India. The use of BIM technology is almost in use by most of the big giants in the construction industry to build their projects in a very adapt format. How can BIM help the Indian construction industry in coming future? How can it be beneficial to the India real estate organization in India? Well, let’s have some glimpses and wonders that BIM could introduce in future construction.

Initial scenario before BIM in real estate sector in India

The significant challenges faced by the Indian real estate market are mainly the incorrect scheduling and cost overruns which arise due to material wastage, poor coordination, severe rework and lack of information sharing. While the real estate sector in India was the domain of a handful of players, it is now growing in a fast-paced attracting the investors, developers and global stakeholders to invest in this burgeoning construction industry in the country. So, what BIM has the role in this scenario?

To our wonders, BIM creates a collaborative working relationship between all the stakeholders involved in a particular project including the designers, contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors and the customers using a single shared 3D model. It generates the fabrication and construction drawings, uses data control construction equipment and also verifies design integrity and estimates the material to be used for the project thus, helps in saving the 50 percent of the time.

Challenges of Indian real estate market

The building sector is currently the facing the challenges are:

-Frequent changes in the design

-Higher possibilities for error and rework

-Dearth of skilled labor

-Construction cost estimations

-Very rare virtual environment work

-Lack of systematic organization

In this scenario, BIM can certainly act as a catalyst to modify the work of India real estate companies in India and redefine their future space in the country.

How BIM Can Add Perks To Indian Real Estate Market

  1. Exceptional output through BIM Collaboration

BIM Modeling Services excellently create a collaborative relationship between all the parties involved in the project including the designers, contractors, suppliers, specialists’ and customers using the single shared 3D model. As a result, everyone associated with the project will concentrate on achieving the best throughout the project.

  1. Enhanced performance

BIM Modeling Services can evolve more efficient, workable and cost-effective solutions as it can produce expeditious and exact comparisons between various designs. Thus the performance of a project at a very initial stage is accomplished using the BIM.

  1. Better prognosis

The project team can build a virtual model of the project before the actual construction which helps in rehearsing the complex procedures, optimizes temporary work, and plans the acquisition of material needed, human resources and the necessary equipment. The owners and the designers also get the clear vision about the design so that they can suggest any modification in the design to get the desired output.

  1. Quick project turnaround

The changes in the design are easily feasible in an early stage by using BIM Modeling Services technology. Thus the last minute changes are conveniently avoided. BIM uses the standard design elements, and so the intricate construction details can be resolved prior the actual project construction. BIM also produces fabrication and construction drawings from the model as well as uses data to manage all the building equipment, materials and checks the uprightness of the design and evaluates the quantities. All these significant features of BIM will certainly help the construction industry to save a lot of time.

  1. Raised Safety measures

The designs using the BIM Modeling Services technology can boost the public safety with the aid of fire modeling capability. The asset manager can enhance operational safety using the 3D model. The contractors can also do the initial review of complex situations or procedures before the project starts that helps in avoiding the construction risks.

The ingenious changes brought by the BIM can enthusiastically transform the real estate Sector in India and building industry in India. BIM is a new up-and-coming approach in India which is progressively securing acknowledgment by the owners, architects, engineers and builders. With better communication, collaboration and integration across different trades eventually, there will be efficient work processes and better decisions. Is your project BIM ready? Dive into the world BIM Modeling Services technology for outstanding growth in the real estate sector in India.

How BIM Boosts The Real Estate Sector In India?
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How BIM Boosts The Real Estate Sector In India?
With the advent in new technologies, BIM in India is getting boost in a rapid pace. Let’s get started with the know-how of BIM Modeling Services can be beneficial to Real Estate Sector in India?
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