SmartBid Software To Help You Solve Subcontractor Risk

SmartBid Is Here For Subcontractor Risk Management


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Technology solutions provider JBKnowledge last month announced a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, Marsh’s SubSecure and BM&B COVReports aimed at supporting contractors as they play their vital role in construction. This partnership will help drive efficiency and ease project risk management in the construction industry.

The launch of the SmartBid software comes post a trend analysis on the need for innovation in software applications for the construction sector. It is also in line with the goals of JBKnowledge to continue pushing innovation in technological software solutions.




According, to JBKnowledge CEO, James Benham“since we first developed SmartBid in 2006, we’ve developed many custom solutions for large TPAs and insurance brokers around the world. We quickly realized, we wanted to specialize in the construction and insurance tech space. There is so much opportunity for technology to improve both industries, and we were excited to bring them together with this integration.” By providing a cohesive, well-organized and properly restricted system, SmartBid software targets to help general contractors who have access to an efficient bidding process. Through the software, General contractors can share project data, send invitations to bid, organize subcontractor information and ultimately select the best subcontractor for each project. It also provides a risk analysis of the various sub-contractors which is a key factor in finding the most qualified subcontractors for a project.


SmartBid Looks Effective


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An image depicting the interface for preparing an invitation to bid using SmartBid


SmartBid software builds on the professional technology skills of its founders JBKnowledge, the expertise from Marsh’s SubSecure financial credit ratings, Dun & Bradstreet credit reports and Dun & Bradstreet credit reports to provide its clients with accurate information for preconstruction assessment of various subcontractors work.

Once clients have the software running, they can obtain credit and risk reports at reduced fees. Customers can access a broad range of reports that provide industry benchmarks, comprehensive expert risk analysis, and credit analysis.

Additionally, SmartBid users can track subcontractor bid notifications from their phones in real-time. The ease of access via mobile devices helps general contractors have an easy time in prequalifying the several subcontractors who have submitted bids for their projects.

SmartBid Software Is Subcontractor Friendly And Reduces Risk
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SmartBid Software Is Subcontractor Friendly And Reduces Risk
A Software that can help to reduce project risk management avoiding Subcontractor risk and thus bringing benfits to construction sector benefits.
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