Green Building Is An Eco-Friendly Way Of Construction

We Should Construct Green Buildings For Eco-Friendly Results.

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Green Construction is also known as Green building.  It has a significant impact on the overall construction Industry.   The global movement of conserving the natural surrounding or habitat has come out for the latest concept.  It refers that while constructing buildings, natural surrounding should not be damaged and resources used for the building must be eco-friendly.  The idea of Green building should be employed in all types of construction processes including internal as well as commercial development processes.  In the real sense, green construction is an eco-friendly building system.  It follows the rules and regulations, which are created to conserve the environment of our living planet.

A Green building is defined as structure/processes that are environment friendly and economically resourceful throughout a building’s lifecycle. This is achieved through the creation of high quality, healthier and energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

Green building or Sustainable building is a method of using resources to build good quality, healthier and more energy sustainable homes and buildings.  Green Building design is a process of finding a balance between high-quality construction choices and weak surrounding results.  The impression of a light footmark means a longer-lasting planet, which in turn is a win for the builder, customer, and the natural environment.  The process of green construction is not just a matter of building structures with green materials.  The goal of green building is to combine both the equipment and processes to increase efficiency, strength, and economy.

The power of green building boom extends in both the ways.  As we see better-performing structures, we can also see the well-being in labor report

Today, Organizations of all sizes i.e. large scale or small size, all are opting for green construction.  It is more advanced and less expensive technology.  The green building features can support the employee’s good health, well-being, and quality productivity, offering an additional reason for contributing to green construction.

The opportunity in this process is enormous because the gain is enormous i.e. from individual businesses to the larger resources and the global surrounding.

Making and choosing smart options at the start of the process can save time, money and the feeling of frustration later on.  The decision of conducting life cycle assessments gives you productive planning and purchasing awareness based on the likely lifetime result of a product or process.

The Green Globe system is a building construction management tool that involves some rules of assessment, the rating system for construction, designing and a guide for integrating eco-friendly design into commercial buildings.  The green building management tool can also facilitate the identification of the project plan through third-party verification.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy, and Environmental Design is a system of rating for the process of design, construction, building, working and maintenance of green construction, which was developed by the United States Green Building Council.  BREEM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method is the certificate system that confirms the sustainability of building for structures and large scale develops.

GREEN BUILDING BENEFITS.e creation of new technologies to complement old practices in green construction has created a wide range of green construction benefits ranging from environmental to social to economic. They can be listed as follows:

Economic benefits:

-Reducing costs of operation.

-Market creation for green products and services.

-Better occupant productivity.

Social benefits:

-Green building minimizes overuse of local infrastructure.

-It also results in improvement of occupant’s quality of life through better health and comfort.

Environmental benefits:

-Proper conservation of natural resources.

-It promotes the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

-Quality improvement of air and water.




ong>Green building materials are composed of renewable resources. Green construction materials are environmentally conscious, and their impacts surpass the life of the product.

The selection of these materials follows a particular procedure outlined below:


It involves the gathering of all technical information of the product and its evaluation. Such data includes manufacturers’ information such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test data, product warranties, source material characteristics, recycled content data, environmental statements, and durability information. It may also involve researching other environmental issues, building codes, government regulations, building industry articles, model green building product specifications, and other sources of product data. Research helps identify the full range of the project’s building material options.

This step involves the confirmation of the data obtained from the research and filling in information gaps. Evaluation is easy when comparing similar types of building materials using the environmental criteria, but it becomes more complicated when comparing different products with the same function. Due to this difficulty, it may become necessary to process both quantitative and descriptive forms of data.

This step involves the use of the evaluation matrix for achieving the environmental goals of the project. The total score of each product appraisal will indicate the material with the highest environmental elements and thus eases the selection.

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Green Building Is An Eco-Friendly Way Of Construction
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