Quicker And Better Construction Using 3D Printer

Effective  3D Printer Uses For Construction

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Technology is improving the construction industry significantly and enhancing the building design and construction process. At the core of this technological advancement are 3D printing  using  3D printer and its recent application in the development of homes. Apis Cor, a startup company, intends to break new frontiers in the construction space by use of 3D printer capabilities, which promises cheap and quick alternatives for the building process. The use of 3D printer helps in getting a good virtual idea of pre construction and later using 4D and other techniques it can be effectively proceeded.

The company recently constructed a 400 square foot building located in Russia under 24 hours using a particular 3D printer. This futuristic technology enables the construction of a building structure from scratch without any prefabricated material and surprisingly costs only $10000. The Apis Cor is capable of crafting a multi-story building with up to 630 square feet of living space by printing level after level of appropriate material. This pioneering method cuts labor costs saves resources, limits waste, and consumes a reduced amount of energy.

Construction Gains Well With  3D Printer


                      An Apis Cor 3D printed house in Russia.

Apis Cor, 3D-printing experts, based in San Francisco and Russia, constructed the house using a mobile printer on-site. The machine is small, and light and can be set up quickly and over a short period. From a single point of construction, it can build up to 2000 square feet of space with almost no restrictions in height. It consists of a tower with a concrete nozzle at the end with allowance for the machine to be tilted in different directions.

building process

                                 Apis Cor 3D printing equipment.

“The building process needs to become fast, efficient, and high-quality as well. For this to happen, we need to delegate all the hard work to smart machines,” said Apis Cor founder Nikita Chen-Yun-Tai. With this technology from Apis Cor, the equipment promises to offer portability and flexibility in 3D construction, which was previously usable only for prefabricated parts printing.

Apis Cor can bring massive progressive change to the world. Despite this, the impacts of this change of technology in construction should undergo careful consideration. Another challenge that faces this technology is that employees in the sector may find it difficult to shift from conventional and traditional building methods. Ultimately stakeholders in the construction industry will have to adapt so as to keep pace with the fast advancement of technology across all sectors. With all the benefits and 3D construction promises, this indeed is a space to watch carefully.

3D Printer helps construction work to get quicker and better
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3D Printer helps construction work to get quicker and better
The 3D printer use has enhanced the working of construction and given it a good pace. People are getting to build quicker and better buildings
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