How Is Data Changing The Nature Of Design?

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Nowadays, lots of information is available for everyone for free. Scientists can use this data to identify correlations and share their findings with others. That’s why the question of efficient data sharing and analyzing became one of the main topics at the BLDGS=DATA symposium.

Researchers now focus on how data can help architects change the way their design projects. For example, BIM (building information modeling) helps architects design more precise blueprints and then share it with everyone, such as their building contractors. They can also use simulation and architectural software to improve their projects and increase stability and quality of the final construction. Besides, architects can better communicate with their clients and get a deeper understanding of their needs.

Why Is It Important For Architects?

Scientists also that so much data can become a problem if not stored properly. With so much useless information around, it can be hard to find what you need quickly. Scientists also say that the focus should be on the quality of the end product. The first step has been done by introducing the computational design, a robust platform with advanced features.

For architects, it means that they can predict outcomes of their projects before actually building them. However, it is important that they learn to find data quickly using the latest technologies and software. Computer science will be a must for them to learn and architect will partner with engineers and other industry experts to share ideas and projects.

Architects should also develop information management skills to help them predict the outcomes of their projects. It means that their thinking should become broader, and they should get more knowledgeable in other areas, such as environmental sustainability. While they can access all data available today, they should know how to harness that information and use it in the most efficient way.


Bringing Forth The Ways How Is Data Changing The Nature Of Design
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Bringing Forth The Ways How Is Data Changing The Nature Of Design
The New Technology Of BIM Helps Working On Designs Easier With Easy Sharing And Saving Option For The Available Data. It Even Supports Better Communication Between Team.
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