Five Top-Rated Construction Estimating Software


Estimating Software and Take-Offs helps with the day to day works in the construction field. With the hundreds of various estimating software’s in the building sector, finding the best software can be hard.


The following can be rated as the best estimating software in the construction industry:

HCCS Heavy Bid Estimating Software

Over 30,000 estimators currently use it, and it’s often represented by the standards of industry in estimating software. The software licensing for the HCCS includes 24/7 live onsite pieces of training and phone sports. It is mostly implemented by various companies of each and every description, from the least of subcontractors to large multinational construction companies. HCCS is a perfect fit for both private and public contracts in oil and gas, utility transportation, and power. It helps the contractors to prepare detailed cost estimate swiftly and correctly and eventually converting them to bid.

It further allows users in the generation to estimate quickly by utilizing multiple sources by automating repetitive tasks and estimation of data. The management function quotes allow various users to efficiently manage various aspects of quotes, from the RFQ to the selections of suppliers and subcontractors in the creation of purchase orders and the subcontracts.

Heavy Bid makes it possible in sending bid directly to accounting departments by working with the existing accounting systems thus creating a budget.


1. Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software

Previously as Maxwell Estimation, the Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software is an advanced estimating tool. It highly features specification of trade estimation capabilities which help in generating accurate estimates. It further, specializes majorly in the generation of estimates for HVAC, mechanical, residential and commercial electrical and plumbing companies.

This software includes proposal generators, integration of Excel, optical assemblies and historical databases. It all includes the databases which are updated with the current information on pricings for materials and labor for most sectors.

It is an excellent tool for all kinds of projects, contractors, and business roles.

2. B2W Estimate

B2W Estimate is an excellent system which helps to estimates managing bids and costs in constructions. The tools assist companies in the calculation of material costs and labor and the management of documents. It has a multinational customer base that has more than 5000 users.

It is specifically designed to help in paving, earthworks and heavy contracting estimates. The B2W Estimate offers a seamless integration with a third party application such as the electronic bidding, the Excel that can be easily used by the Department of Transportation. It acts by integrating the Dexter, Oracle, MaxwellSystems and Chaney systems.

3. ProContractor by Viewpoint

It is the best estimating software that provides a win –win cloud solutions for estimating, accounting and project management. It offers extensive, flexible, features which give many users the ability to activate mission applications which are critical. Best of this entire program grows by increasing the profitability and visibility of companies. It is a very comprehensive tool that helps the construction industry in accomplishing stronger handles on document controls and bindings.

4. Sage Estimating

It is a vastly intuitive solution for the variability of the building of business. It acts by providing the take off capabilities which are conceptual and detailed that deliver take off solutions designed to speed up the estimation considerably. It is the most flexible construction software that can easily be tailored to meet all needs of companies regardless of its size by optimizing the operations of over $1 million based on costs annually.

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Excellent Construction Estimating Software Useful In Construction
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Excellent Construction Estimating Software Useful In Construction
With hundreds of estimating software in the construction industry, it is hard to find the best ones. We have rated top five estimating software’s have a look.
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