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The concepts of sustainability aim at satisfying the present needs for working environment, housing and infrastructure without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs. It integrates and incorporates various strategies during design, constructions, and operations of the building projects. It involves the development of building materials that are more advanced for zero energy and passive buildings and materials for innovative and renovation of the building. Green building products and materials involve the use of renewable other than non-renewable sources. They are environmentally responsible since the life of the end products are considered when building.

The local environment to a great extent significantly affects the performance of green building. It includes factors such as the surrounding buildings, the pollution from vehicles, atmospheric pollutions from other factors such industries and the populations near the construction site. Energy simulations software, the Energy Plus, has been used widely to suggest the best material for any commercial green building complexity.

Technological Methods For Green Building

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The following are the best technologically selected methods for green building on a business complex;

The Storm Water Management

It has to be carried out in line to the environmental factors. The intent here is to limit disruptions of the natural hydrology of water by increasing the onsite infiltrations, reduction of the impervious cover and the managements of the runoff of storm water. The porous concrete, open cells and the lock paver’s serve as the best available technologies for the easy management of water in a building site.

Rain Water Harvesting

This project primarily aims at collecting and storing the rainwater from the land surface and rooftops. It consists of the principal catchment area, the conveyance systems, and the collection devices.

Roof–Heat Island Effects
The intent in these methods is to reduce the thermal gradients differences and the reduction of heat islands between the undeveloped and developed areas so as to minimize the impacts on the human, wildlife and microclimate life. The strategy employed is the use of the roofing materials with Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) that is greater than 29% for the sloping roof and a 79% for the lower sloped roof with a minimum of 75% of the roofing surface.

Water Efficient Fixtures and the Energy Efficient Lighting
The importance of this was to reduce the generation of waste water and the demand for potable water while increasing the local aquifer recharges.
The Energy Efficient Lighting comes under the atmosphere and energy credit. The main reason is to optimize the performance of energy by reducing wastage. The incandescent, luminaires and the T12 are the most preferred lighting system for the saving of energy.

Renewable Energy
The intent is to recognize and encourage increasing levels of supply through the renewable technology so as to reduce impacts on environments associated with theuse of fossil for fuel supply.

In the construction sectors, buildings have the capacity to make a significant contributing to a sustainable earth. Sustainable buildings have become vital in securing the long-term economic, social and environmental viability. Sustainable construction involves all aspects of design and building management, construction technology and process, the performance of materials, resource, and energy efficiency, maintenance, and operations. Thus Green Building can use sound techniques and products all in the capacity for long-term monitoring, occupational health, and safety for both the people and the environment.



Green Construction Materials Suitable For constructing Green Building
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Green Construction Materials Suitable For constructing Green Building
Green Buildings Are Environment Friendly Concept Of The Construction Industry That Uses Energy Efficient Techniques And Produces Good Quality Output For Construction
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