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The quantity survey profession has been an integral part of and has considerably played a vital role in the construction industry for over 100 years. Survival and continuation of the profession are consistently under pressure as a result of the views based on the BIM success and the ongoing advancement of the improvement of technology. Cost estimator and Quantity Surveyors mostly are associated with estimating, quantifying the take offs, preparation of the Bills of documentation, procurement, monthly valuations, final account and any contractile claims in an organization.

Usefulness Of BIM Is Immense For Quantity Survey

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BIM has been adopted worldwide in the construction sector. Thus, the quantity surveyors are expected to embrace the functions and purposes for boosting the effectiveness of cost and values in the functions of the BIM tools.

The quantity surveyor and estimator are increasingly getting aware of the importance and benefits of the advancements of software in the sector in their tasks, as well as how productively they can carry out measurements and management of cost functions efficiently and effectively. Advancement and development in the automated quantification and measurements of the BIM have helped pave ways for more quantifying functions in the surveying processes.

Thus, it’s of great significance, that both experts in estimation and surveying should meet the standards and expectation so that they can fully grasp the potentiality of BIM. It will help them in learning, developing and employment of the efficient and effective tools and processes so as to harness the powers of the BIM that are in line with the existing operations in the organization.

A BIM survey conducted recently in South Africa by the CIS revealed that most contractor, estimator and quantity surveyors lurk behind in adopting and understating the processes of BIM. A significantly high numbers of quantity surveyors are not even aware of the BIM itself. There is little evidence of the systematic introductions of BIM by the surveying profession, thus leading to unavailability or inadequate literature resources on BIM. Primarily BIM is mostly directed to designers and architects, with limited evidence and case studies showcasing the BIM integration into the quantity surveying practice. Thus, it is necessary to initiate education and awareness and integration in the service profession so as to speed up with the software technology so as to maintain the competitive edges in the construction sector.


Vendors need to review values for estimating the software by;

-Examining the New Rules of Measurement of RICS for both the elemental plans of cost and cost estimation in the future.

-Estimating the processes and quantity take-offs in general, as well as the application in the alignment of the BIM.

-Reviewing the processes of the BIM related software tools so as to support the NRM orders for cost estimation.

If the entire industry fully recognized the significance in the needs for the development of a more comprehensive understanding of how to provide support for planning and estimating various processes through BIM, there would be a huge success in cementing and establishing the compliance of the industry. There should be ways of bridging the knowledge gap of the BIM estimation and take off technology. Thus, BIM plays an effective role in quantity survey




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Quantity Survey Made Easy By BIM
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