Safe And Secure Environment For Smart India

How To Create A Safe And Secured Surrounding In Smart India?

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The grand Smart Cities Expo has just started with a mind-blowing inaugural ceremony in New Delhi today. The Smart India mission is building up a lot of importance in the current scenario as a strategy to drive economic growth and help in improving the living lifestyle of people with the aid of modern creative technologies to create smart outcomes for better tomorrow.

For the betterment of the future living conditions, a Central Government scheme is known as “Smart Cities Mission” has come up with innovative ideas and smarter solutions. The industrialists and the Government authorities have brainstorm together and discuss smart solutions to make Smart India which have ultimate importance for Smart Cities mission.

Safe, Secure and Resilient Cities is one of the main tasks to be achieved to complete the Smart Cities mission. The esteemed personalities from the Government and Private sector held a discussion on how to organize safe, secure and resilient cities and how modern technology could help in making the things possible for the betterment of all.

How can modern technology contribute in achieving Smart India?

Today, the technology sector is seeing a boost in all its fields. We have everything; every little thing has modernized the way it was before. This is the main advancement in technology, and it has become an integral part of big infrastructure projects as it can play a significant role in solving many issues.

What exactly is the meaning of Smart City and technology will help in this? It is the central question in the scenario. Well, Smart City means somebody can put limited efforts to get more things done. The government is putting crores of money to give a sustainable living lifestyle for everyone since the Government is the biggest agency and it has all your data right from your birth certificate to the educational qualifications and all other relevant data. If technology can delve into this, it can integrate all the data to fetch the required outcome.

Smart cities should also have projects like the integration of data and its distribution to allay the crimes and thus, ensuring safe surroundings for the public. We can install CCTVs, have a video wall and can also install a camera in the individual houses. This manner we can guarantee the safety of the public with the help of technology. We need to take technology-oriented steps and should start thinking of Urban Governance.

Establishing Women Safety in Smart India

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Women safety is the crucial task while thinking of the Smart Cities mission. Yes, in the wake of horrifying crime against women, it is the actual time to think of the ways to protect women. We need to find smart solutions that will make people aware of women safety. We have street lights, safety scores and other statistics to enable individuals to feel safe in the surrounding. The women safety should keep at utmost importance while designing the Smart Cities mission.

I think the Smart Cities Mission is a right step towards the right direction to safeguard cities equipped with all the necessary things that citizens are in need in everyday life. Technology can add value to the Smart Cities mission, and we will surely live in a Smart India, secured as well as in safe environment very soon.

How To Build Safe And Secure Environment For Smart India?
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How To Build Safe And Secure Environment For Smart India?
The Smart India Mission is building up a lot of importance in the current scenario, Have look on how it can be useful in building a smarter nation with help of technology.
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