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MIT researchers have found ways to analyze building stability. Their new computational model can monitor ambient vibrations and look for possible harm. It is a promising technology that allows engineers and construction workers to analyze the resilience to extreme events and overall health of any building.

Researchers tested their new model on a 21-story MIT’s Green Building which is made of reinforced concrete. The building was built over 50 years ago, and it is the tallest structure in Cambridge.

In 2010, MIT installed 36 accelerometers which continuously monitored vibrations on floors, from the foundation to the roof. In order to accurately analyze the ability of the building to respond to vibration, researchers got data from the accelerometers, focusing on features that analyze the condition of the building. This allowed researchers to develop a seismic interferometer concept that shows changes in vibration patterns as it travels from the first floor to the last.

Smart Building

Researchers are planning to continue working on the model, experimenting with vibration levels in the lab. They have already developed a 4-meter high copy of the building and added accelerometers. MIT says that they will also test the ability of the building to withstand different tremor stimuli, such as hammer strikes. According to Oral Buyukozturk, a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, they can get data from the sensors and then analyze the building and its characteristics.

Researchers also say they are going to build a large structure to experiment with and improve their computational model. Once they are done with testing, they will start installing accelerometers in real buildings. In future, it is expected to have them in every building, especially in countries with high seismic activity. This system will be able to make buildings smart and tell us whether they are safe to occupy.


With New Model, Buildings May 'Sense' Internal Damage Faster
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With New Model, Buildings May 'Sense' Internal Damage Faster
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