What Is Smart City?

Let’s Explore What Is Smart City?


What is a Smart City? This is the foremost question when we talk about smart cities. So let’s get deeper into the ocean of smart cities concept and explore how’s and what’s of it to the fullest. The smart city is the need of the ever expanding world of housing. By developing digital cities or smart cities, we promote the development of the smart environment.

The vision and the mission to collaborate new and innovative technology of construction with the internet of things.  And in short, make our cities digitally well equipped. This will provide the healthy environment for people and help in solving the issues of housing due to the ever growing population around the globe and achieving energy sustainability. Smart cities will assist in making extensive infrastructure, technological progress and raising the standard of living.

Ever Growing arena of human population brought forth the idea to plan for the smart cities worldwide. There were challenges on the economic, environmental and technological level that had to be dealt. Large groups are working on to solve the problems; some have planned their strategy and are working on it while some are planning well to create better and efficient smart cities.

EU (European Union) is preparing the plan for meeting the requirements of smart housing for its Metropolitan areas. The European Union has worked on full plans under this agenda.

What Is Smart City IN German And Indian Context?



Major cities around the globe have worked on to develop this concept keeping humans at the center and then planning according to the needs of 21st century. The focus is on developing smart cities to get resolved the issues of getting a quality living space, creating jobs, cost effective and highly efficient housing space. These houses are so digitally connected that every requirement can be fulfilled quickly and if even any clashes arise in future and can be sorted out very soon.

Taking an example of Germany let’s see how they are working on this concept.

  • Germany has major area developed according to the idea of smart cities.
  • There they are creating the cities focusing on climate issues and information and technology (e.g. Berlin).
  • They have worked on in creating renewable energy sources for their smart cities so that they never get short off energy and things work out smoothly at their end.
  • Electronic cars (e-cars) are the concerned area of Germany. They will be producing millions of such e-cars for their use, which will make Germany a leading and resourceful market for e-cars. They are presently using thousands of electric vehicles for daily transportation purpose.

The government in India is working on creating awareness of what is a smart city? Highlighting its scope and benefits for the nation and this is being done with the help of advertisements on public and private levels. India has grand plans for the smart city, which will require extensive investment in money, energy, workforce and technology on the one hand and will create vast employment opportunities for the job seekers on the other.

Construction industry is getting good opportunity to explore and exhibit their skills. We had organized two expos previously on this issue and are working on the third Expo, which is going to happen in May 2017. We have achieved good response for the last Expos and hoping to get benefited more with this one too.

Smart City is the work in progress in India and abroad and it has vast scope to develop further.


Working On What Is Smart City And Understanding It Thoroughly
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Working On What Is Smart City And Understanding It Thoroughly
Explore What Is Smart City, Why We Are Focusing On It? It Needs To Be Cost-Effective For Construction And Also Create New Job Options For The Job Seekers
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