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What to do after completing my Engineering course?

what to do

This question surely must have triggered in your mind numerous times. In the current fast-paced world, you are not judged by what you have studied but what you do after completion of your education matters most. The world is more concerned about the job and the salary you get after the successful completion of your degree. Isn’t it?

So, what are your next plans? Have you decided about your future? What job are you searching for? What are your expectations about your salary?

IS THERE ANY ANSWER FOR THESE QUESTIONS? NO?? Here we are to answer you queries.

Let’s have a stroll on various career options after completing Engineering. Right from the Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer or Electrical Engineer or even Architects can join these courses for the future enhancements.

This article talks about the best Engineering courses to choose when you complete your degree. If you are the current student of Engineering or have passed out recently, then this article is MUST read for you.

Now you will think do I need to do other courses once I complete my Degree?

Well, the answer is, Yes, to get the best job or if you have a passion for studying some innovative technology, you can surely opt for the specified courses that have tremendous scope in future.

Hold On….

Before we explore the available options, let’s keep the three mantras in mind, this will surely motivate you:
- First, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Yes, it’s true! Everyone is not born to graduate or do MBA and get a high pay job. Well, if people like Gandhi, Abdul Kalam though this way, then surely the world would have missed a lot of positive changes.
- Secondly, DON’T LEAVE AN OPTION BECAUSE IT’S TOO DECENT OR STRAIGHTFORWARD. You need to follow your heart rather than to follow others.
- Lastly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! It’s absolutely fine if other people like you are preparing for the entrance exams, but if you believe in yourself you can crack the exam with high marks.

Well, once you complete your degree, what to do next?

Here are some of the ground-breaking courses that you can choose, Read more:




It is the most popular course where students pursue once they complete their engineering. You can opt to your favorite field of study you crave to expertise in. but make sure, you need to prepare well for the entrance exams to get into a good college. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a national exam conducted in India, if you crack this exam you can certainly get admission in IITs, IISC or NITs and many others.


civil engineer

Ever imagined like you are a manager and want to see yourself in some MNC? Then, MBA is choice for you! You may specialize in your area of interest like HR, Marketing, Sales or even Digital Marketing, International Relations.

Many companies are hiring the engineers with great management skills. If you get an MBA after your degree, your value rises rapidly. Well, there is no such hurry to enroll for an MBA soon after Engineering; you can go for an initial job, MBA entrance preparation. In this way you have three advantages; you have a B Tech degree, work experience, and an MBA degree. You have to prepare for CAT (Common Admission test) that serves a getaway for an MBA at the various IIMs.


career options

There are various trending career related courses which are presently in boom. These courses will be helpful for all the engineers like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc. the key is to stay update in today’s fast-paced world. There are many private institutes that offer such courses; one of them is NIBT (National Institute of Building Technology), is an emerging platform that aims in creating awareness in the field of building industry educating the various construction technologies highlighting the development of smart construction work. Click here to read more.


Have you ever saw yourself as an IPS or IAS Officer? This could be a hidden choice as well. Isn’t it? Some day or other you wished to prepare for the Civil Services but might have left or ignored the thought.

Indeed, it is one of the toughest exams in the world to crack and there is a huge competition to be a civil servant. Hey, but you cannot ignore just because it is tough to crack. It’s not just about to clear the exam but it overall judges your capability.

Thus, Believe In Yourself as you need to put lot of efforts to prepare for Civil Services examination.



Are you a creative person? Do you think creatively? If yes, then career in Animation, Graphics and VFX is choice for you, there is no dearth in these fields. Various companies in the present innovative world are looking for skilled and professional individuals from this field. There are many private institutes who provides courses in this field, remember to join the best one. You can also move abroad to get educated in this courses just you need to splash some money!

Now you must be familiar with the various branches you can choose after completing your engineering degree.

Did you make your mind to go for one?

Ok, read ahead more career options after engineering. I am sure you will get ample of information to overcome the confusion in your mind. Stay tuned!

Did you find this article helpful for you?

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