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BIM Course

Illustrating here most of the BIM courses that can be included under BIM Management, available as online courses, which makes learning is easy and convenient. You will be excited to read about this. Keep scrolling.

BIM Management is learning BIM from 3D, 4D, 5D, etc. and managing using these skills.

Let’s move ahead to understand each course

Basics of BIM Course

Hey, searching to know more about BIM. And want to figure out what is BIM and its Impact on your career and business development. So, this course can help you to learn and explore the basics of BIM under this.

Pre-Construction Visualization Course

This course on Pre-construction Visualization covers specific teaching on this topic. It equips you with the proper understanding of the complete pre-construction process designing. You will be acquainted with different levels of excellent construction.

Architecture integration with BIM Course

Architects get good support from BIM technology throughout the entire lifecycle of the design. Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps designers and architects to communicate, create, observe the performance, the appearance and get the proper costing before actual designing.

Structural integration with BIM Course

Knowing structural integration with BIM improves documentation, design, minimizes discrepancies, and brings in integrated collaboration between teams. Thus, it benefits the learner at great length. You get to know about structural design and detailing software’s that help in quicker project delivery by learning this course.

Mechanical (HVAC) Integration with BIM Course

Learning this course enables designers, mechanical engineers, and contractors to work more productively. And also get to know integrating project delivery through this MEP training covering designing, fabrication, detailing, and installation.

Electrical integration with BIM Course

This course brings Integration of BIM to handle electrical designs of a construction project. Learn the ways to use schematics to get electrical related calculation results in your BIM design. And how this technology is beneficial for different companies and the people engaged in using it.

Plumbing integration with BIM Course

You are learning BIM course in plumbing projects by creating deeper project knowledge, delivering a sound product and reducing the total cost of the project by working on this course. You even understand the advantages of Autodesk Revit MEP software along with knowing the limitations that a designer has to face while going through the Revit MEP training.

BIM Coordination Management Course

Enthusiasts, who would like to explore careers in BIM Coordination Management, can get great help from this course. You are trained to Manage BIM in coordination. Here too you work with the different case study that provides you real working experience.

4D BIM Integration Course

Interested to know more about 4D BIM Integration courses don’t be confused. Let’s elaborate shortly what you get to learn under this course. 4D BIM integration Course will cover all the 4D BIM details as well as train you with practical guidance. Getting practical exposure while learning makes learning fulfilled.

5D BIM Integration Course

This online course teaches 5D BIM Integration, by integrating designing with estimating, time scheduling and techniques of proper costing by covering preparation of bill of quantities, deriving the rate of productivity and labor costs, etc. In short, you will be learning 5D BIM integration in detail along with getting the practical exposure by working on case studies and live projects.

Latest construction technology using BIM are available in online courses format, and the syllabus is based on the short term in most of the courses. Thus, you have the chance to learn at your convenience.


Doing any of these courses you have full opportunity to boost your career towards the technological demand of the market. Thus you are getting equipped with knowledge that is updated and marketable.

You can be employed at various posts according to the expertise you gain after completing these courses.

  • BIM Manager
  • Project Manager
  • A Trainer on BIM Management

Who Can Join These Courses?

Students who are done with their engineering and want to upgrade their skill set can participate. And also professionals of the construction industry who are willing to enhance their knowledge can benefit learning these courses.

To Know more On BIM Course Keep reading further.

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Know More On BIM & MEP Course Useful For Construction Industry
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