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This is a complete package of theoretical and practical learning along with chances of sound experimentation. These courses will develop your professional skills to a higher level. These are online courses offered in best formats, elaborating them below:

Principles of Green or Sustainable Construction

People and governments today are more considerate on working using the environment-friendly techniques. And this is needed too, seeing the hazardous global warming impacts that we are observing. Going on this line, this course can teach you the know how’s on eco-friendly construction materials, understanding the LEED standards and its application, Management of LEED projects, etc.

Lean Construction

Lean construction course offers and trains you on an Integrated Project Delivery method that has evolved seeing the response of customers and dissatisfaction arising due to the inappropriate working of the supply chain. It even covers the pull and push strategy under construction.

Building Codes and Standards

You will be learning the overview of international building codes and its advantages in building design. This course covers the application, requirement, and inspection techniques under building codes.

Construction Cost Management

This course encompasses estimating, controlling budgets, managing costs throughout the project, preparing financial projections and planning for a project’s lifecycle. It will cover the topics such as establishing project budget, cost estimating, tender pricing, value analysis and projections, financial risk planning, etc.

Construction Waste Management

This program will upgrade your knowledge on the understanding and tools required for waste minimization and management planning at respective phases of building maintenance. It adequately covers areas of site debris, sustainability, eco-friendly construction practices, etc.

Construction Quality Management

You will learn the whole construction quality management techniques that include: Government regulations and standards, ISO standards and other quality protocols, quality control measures, quality planning, etc.

Construction dispute management

The course covers all the legalities coming under construction contract formation and administration, reasons behind contractual disputes, outlining the provisions for deficient contracts, Identifying cause and effect of dispute, an approach of dispute resolution, etc.

Facilities management

The success of a construction project lies in its life cycle performance. Facilities management thus deals with enhancing the performance and maintenance of the building. This course uses the tools and techniques, practices and training in facilities management. And, also trains for the efficient use of FM software.

Construction Contract Management

Construction contracts are an important part of construction projects. Contracts that are not made after proper planning bring in failures to the projects. The Areas covered under this course are writing a contract & contract essentials, bidding contract and application protocols, etc.

Construction technology

This program trains you on efficient use of technology in construction and its implementation. Learn here Primavera P3 software, budgeting tools, coordination software and its application, and facilities management software and its implementation.

Construction document management

You learn here the successful management of construction documents. The topics covered in this course are types of project documents, logging of submittals, RFIs, change orders, etc. Also come to know project management software, document control measures, etc.

Construction Risk Management

Learning effective techniques to risk management is highly beneficial to construction project’s success. The course will handle topics such as introduction to project risks, risk identification, analysis – qualitative & quantitative risks, etc.


There are lots that construction industry can offer to the people going through these courses and thus open rich and innovative career options.

You can be designated as

  • Assistant Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Procurement and coordination executives
  • Planning Engineers

Who Can Join These Courses?

Students with a degree in engineering can get enrolled for these courses and get benefitted. Even professionals working into the construction industry can enhance their working by enrolling here for these courses. And one thing that is the major necessity for successful completion of these construction & Facilities management courses is the zeal and enthusiasm to learn and explore more into the sphere of construction industry.

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Learn Construction & Facilities Management Courses
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