NIBT Video Resources

To explore more about 4D simulations in BIM do watch this video completely. It will surely help to broaden your knowledge about 4D simulation process.

Source: InteliBuild


This fascinating video will elaborate the exciting component of laser scan used in BIM construction as well as show the Hunterston model of nuclear power plan. To get an in-depth knowledge on this, watch this video for sure.

Source: Plowman Craven



This Video is about DAQRI Smart Helmet that sets a new standard for augmented reality with visual inertial navigation. The designing of this helmet is for industrial environments and its having lot many features. Do watch this video further to explore more about this helmet and get acquainted with this impressive technological development.

Source:  DAQRI


Presenting a video about MX3D TO 3D Print A Steel Bridge In Amsterdam, explaining how a steel bridge at Amsterdam was 3D printed with the help of this MX3D Printer. Journey, from trials, tribulations and at last to success, watch this video to get more details about this innovation…..

Source:  MX3D Bridge



This video gives an overview of Parkside project for Birmingham City University. It will provide you with a good idea on, how BIM is used in construction? To get more info on this topic, do watch this video for sure.

Source:  aarchitectsllp



-Introduction of BIM

This Video highlights on the introduction of BIM:

-What is BIM?

-What it creates?

-Where lays the power of BIM?

Here is BIM solution presented by Autodesk. Do watch this video, to get more info.

Source: Autodesk Building Solutions